Gratitude List (first installment)

In an effort to blog a little more frequently I am going to begin to compose a list of persons, places, things, ideas, and/or other that I am most grateful for. I will attempt to enumerate five things each time I write and give a brief explanation of why they have made my list.

1. Nancy: My fiancee, my love. For more than seven years Nancy and I have shared one another’s company, life, highs, lows, and almost everything in between. I cannot imagine her not being in my life and look forward to a life with and for her. She is quite simply my rock that I both lean against and break upon and I love her more than anything.

2. My Mother: No single person has been through it all with me like my mother. She gave me life, inspired me, pushed me, and always supported me when I needed it most. Though she is down and sickly at present she continues to teach me lessons in patience, tolerance, and the value of other people’s opinions no matter how old they might be. I love her terribly though at times she makes it difficult, and am as always very proud to be her son.

3. Scoutie: For seventeen years my little classic tabby and I have been bonded and braving it all. She was a beautiful little kitten and it breaks my heart to see her slowly succumbing to bone cancer of the jaw. Though she remains loving, she is given to periodic fits of lashing out, peeing on furniture, and generally being a naughty, ailing, kitty cat. Still, the lesson is tolerance, especially towards those you cannot reason with. I love her dearly despite her decline and that love is not going to change.

4. The Nix: My assless bright spot. My four-year-old kitten brings more joy, more unexpected smiles, more purring, and more love than one could possibly imagine. Though I had to fight for her to keep her as a member of my family, it was a fight I would gladly wage again. Without her there would be a lot less love in my home. She is and always will be a Nix first class.

5. Saki: There are some people or pets that no matter how much you do for them they will never fully care for you or love you. Such is Nancy’s cat. I love her but she only periodically loves me when the mood strikes her. The lesson learned is she daily teaches me that no matter how much you may do for some it may never make them really like you. It’s a difficult lesson, but it is a truly necessary one for all of us to learn, and for that I appreciate her presence in my life.

So that’s my first list. The five most important women in my life. I love them all and don’t know how to live without any of them. Namaste.

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