The Thomas Jefferson Hour: Jefferson and Jesus

The following is a list of notes culled from a listening of the Thomas Jefferson Hour by Clay Jenkinson. It is my hope to make these notes a series on my blog in which I distill all the relevant information that Mr. Jenkinson provides into a studyable format.

 Notes from Episode 831

1. Jefferson’s daily routine:

                A. Get up before the Light.

                B. Bathe his feet in cool water.

                C. Write 3 to 5 Letters.

                D. Take a Stroll before Breakfast.

                E. Read.

                F. Take a horseback riding survey of his land.

                G. Get his hands in the soil.

                H. Garden in the evening.

                I. Spend time with his daughter Martha.

2. Much of this episode is devoted to a discussion of an article that appeared on entitled ”Who Do We Follow, Jesus or Jefferson?”

3. Jefferson was not a Christian in the classical sense.

4. Jesus was a man according to the historian Josephus.

5. Jesus was a profound ethicist.

6. Jesus moved culture away from tribalism and towards individualism.

7. Jefferson believed that if we followed the Sermon on the Mount we would all be better off.

8. What Jefferson would call the beliefs of the cult of Jesus bears little resemblance to the   historical man.

9. Jesus would have opposed unbridled capitalism.

10. Jesus was a political revolutionary.

11. According to Jefferson’s reading of Jesus teachings, saved are the victims of capitalism.

12. The Book of Acts supports that Jesus was a communitarian.

13. Question: How do practicing Americans reconcile democracy with Jesus teaching?

14. From 350 A.D. onward Jesus teachings became corrupted.

15. The Christian church does not represent the views of Jesus.

16. The Gospels do not harmonize.

17. Jefferson was a Jesusite.

18. Jesus’ ethics were perfect.

19. We do not follow the code of Jesus.

20. The goal of good government is to treat us all as equal even if we’re not.

21. Jefferson does not believe in heaven, hell, grace, or sin.

22. Jefferson believes in: civility, the citizenship of farmers, and a blind system.

23. He believes in a minimalist government which acts as a referee.

24. America is a nation with a secular government that allows for religious freedom.

25. “We are a nation of Christians, but we are not a Christian nation.” – Clay Jenkinson

26. The word “subjects” in the Declaration of Independence was changed to “citizens.”

27. Alexander Hamilton spoke for five hours at the 1787 Constitutional convention and called for both the president and senators to serve for life.

28. The validity of a hereditary monarchy for the presidency, an argument put forth by Alexander Hamilton, was challenged by Jefferson by suggesting that we first tested theory by having a hereditary chair of mathematics at a university.

29. George Washington died in 1799.

30. There were no term limits on the presidency until after FDR.

31. Jefferson was not a Pauline Christian.

32. Approximately 300,000,000 Americans are Christians.

33. God is never mentioned in the Constitution.

34. 1786: The Virginia Statute for Religious Liberty is enacted.

35. The Book of Acts was written by Luke.

36. Alexander de Tocqueville said that Americans were the most religious people alive.

37. Thomas Jefferson was born at the height of the Enlightenment.

38. Jefferson thought that within fifty years of his life time all Americans would be Unitarian.

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