There is no denying that life for me since moving to Virginia is never full enough of exciting and unique experiences. And since  turning forty I have had even fewer moments of lasting life significance. It’s something that desperately needs changing. Today I am happy to report one such positive occurrence. Yesterday, Nancy and I attended the MetOpera production of Siegfried at the Muvico 14 across from Town Center in Fredericksburg. Starting at noon, the performance came down at 5:30 PM with two well-placed and much-needed intermissions. This third installment of Robert Lepage’s re-imagined Ring Cycle is perhaps the best of the lot to date. Sumptuous visuals (waterfalls, fire pyres, and three-dimensional wildlife) coupled with excellent performances by Jay Hunter Morris asSiegfried,” Deborah Voigt asBrunnhilde,” Bryn Terfel as The Wanderer,” and Gerhard Siegel as “Mime” made for a thoroughly enjoyable, if daunting afternoon. In my daily grind, the unenjoyable, the mundane, and the repetitive are the norm. Yesterday it was nice to break with that and experience high art at its finest.

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