Giving Thanks

Today, I just want to remind myself of the occasional little blessings that fall my way. All too often life is saturated with big, difficult things that take my entire focus of attention to surmount. Whether it’s battling with set designers or fatigue, being shocked at unprofessional or duplicitous behavior, being stiffed by a patron or cleaning cat pee off the floor, life sure has its share of downs.

But then there are days like today: peaceful, quiet, gently paced and filled with alone time without feeling lonesome. Today we received a new refrigerator after waiting eight months for our landlord to agree that our old one was broken. Today I was able to listen to several lectures on Transcendentalism via The Great Courses DVD program. I made the bed, took a bath, ordered a new course, took a picture of our house surrounded by fall foliage, and had a nice lunch. I cleaned the kitchen, folded laundry, took trash to the dump, and petted the cats for longer than normal.

Sure on the horizon there are still set and set designer problems. The house is only barely passable and I have a long drive looming at the end of the day. But for this one moment I just want to be at peace, to remind myself that not everything is bad, and that joy and relaxation can be found in the mundane. And I just want to give thanks for that. That’s not too much to ask is it?


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