You Never Know…

Attending the wedding of Nancy’s cousin, Audrey, on Saturday November 12th, I was approached by the lead singer of the 8-piece dance band that played the reception. As it turned out the woman, named Marci Klontz, went to high school with me and actually did several shows with me back in that era. She was at least a year behind me in school and spent much of her time in the chorus, which is why I don’t recall her all that well. (Our high school ensembles could sometimes stretch to 70+ people.) But nowadays, after going to college for music, she fronts a dance band, going all over the eastern corridor, playing high-profile, lucrative gigs for major players.

I am very happy for her. You never know how people will turn out nor what success will befall the least likely to succeed.  I mean that as no reflection on Marci, but only to suggest that there was no way of knowing that she would be so successful in a career that she displayed no immediate aptitude for. People grow and change over many years just as flowers bloom when they are ready. Never write people off or just assume that you know who they are and what they can do. Life is long, people change and grow, and you can never tell…

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