My Wedding Note

Its been months since I wrote and ironically the last time was also about a wedding. My Wedding Day is two months away, October 20, 2012, I feel swamped with work, and I’m still trying to get my life together. Ah, well. In the last few days I’ve made good strides at bringing myself into the present and prepping myself for life after college (which is still a year plus away). Regardless, life isn’t bad and it feels like there are good things on the horizon. In honor of that optimistic spirit I am posting an advance copy of the note that will appear in my Wedding Program. It is a valentine to both our guests and Nancy. Since most of them don’t read this I don’t feel too bad about putting it out there. Enjoy!

Where Did I Go Right?

Celebrate with us.

Our Wedding Day has arrived,

And it’s about time!

Charlie Brown was right. If you have faith and you wish hard enough the Little Red-Haired Girl will eventually look your way. Well, in truth, I didn’t really have to work all that hard to get to her to look at me. As Nancy said, Ben Lloyd, our Acting professor, threw us together one day in a scene that was to last till the end of the semester. Instead that scene has played on for nine years and is expected (based on advance box office sales) to play for the rest of our lives. Yes, our marriage is just like Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap (only less predictable). I went to Villanova to get a Masters. I walked away with a soul mate half my age. Not a bad deal really when you consider the soaring cost of education.

Whatever my life was like nine years ago (The whole thing really is a blur; must be the Mad Cow.) my adult life really did begin when I met Nancy. The two of us together have been through it all, equal parts sadness and joy, life and death, hope and despair, each clinging to the other as the winds of change have swept us along on this rocky journey we’ve called life. We’ve lost loved ones we’ll always cherish (Bella, Aunts Sara and Mary, Ivan, Scoutie, Uncle Josie), and we’ve welcomed many new friends and family into our lives that we hope will stay with us for many years to come. To all of the people that have supported us and believed in our union we can’t thank you enough. Johnny Schlouch I’m talking to you here…amongst others. You know who you are. If you don’t why are you here?

But that said, at the end of the day a marriage is really about two people; two people who share each other’s lives and love each other unconditionally. And love her I do. For all the Celtic music listened to and haggis eaten, Doctor Who episodes watched and plays sat (and suffered) through, concerts attended, restaurants tried and hikes taken. For singing to The Nix, lemon pork, discussions of John and Abigail Adams and dreams of the future, I love her a little more each day, and grow more and more assured of who I wish to spend my life with. And from where I stand that life looks pretty darned great.

Nancy, you are my light, my love, my own. Thank you for choosing a life with me; for making your family my family; for sharing the road, shouldering the load, and supporting my dreams. For being the mother of my cats and the inspiration of my art. As Jack Nicholson said, “You make me want to be a better man.” I wish I had said that but Milton Berle taught me to not be above stealing from the best. But in my own limited way let me say I love you, I’m in love with you, I will always take care of you, and I promise that you will not starve. Oh, and bacon. Always bacon. MMmmm…now that’s amore!

Nancy and Jason

In love and married this day;

Now and forever.

Love, Jason


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