A Sampling of Recent Haiku

The following is a sampling of the some of the better haiku I have written in the last two months. Enjoy!

    The world awakens;
    A symphony of color,
    Sound, and ecstasy.
                  How far can you go
                  Into the wilderness and
                  Still find your way home?
                Self development
                Is doomed to failure in the
                Absence of self-love.
              We’re a family,
              A celestial collective
              Of God’s splintered love.
               My heart is crying.
              Blood splattered tears pump through my
              Circulating void.
                  I am a pilgrim
                  On a way of my making,
                  Wherever it leads.
                The jay doesn’t care
                About your next adventure.
                He lives his own life.
                You are not alone.
                A thousand universes
                Live in one acorn.
              You’re not entitled
              To anything but the best.
              Stop accepting less.
                When the universe
                Asks something new of you say,
                “Yes, I can do that.”

    2 thoughts on “A Sampling of Recent Haiku

    1. For the first time I am reading Haiku form applied in English (Original), very similar to what we have “doha” in Hindi & Sanskrit and “sher” in Urdu and persian.


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