Some Haiku for the Week

Happy that the creative juices keep flowing. Enjoy!

Aspire to greatness.
You can’t know what you can do
Without the attempt.

Stand up for yourself,
Your rights and aspirations.
You’re a worthy cause.

The white light of truth
Will eventually fall
On any told lie.

Don’t beat the bunnies!
Let them frolic on the hill,
Cheerfully fluffy.

God, please forgive me.
Return me to sanity.
Let love fill my heart.

You are not unique
In your ability to
Mistake and misjudge.

Grey nondescript day:
Above your clouds lies sunshine
And a blue outlook.

Love is the answer.
Regardless of the question
This statement applies.

All thoughts have power.
They can strengthen or weaken,
Create or destroy.

Befriend your shadow.
Rather than your enemy,
Let it be a guide.


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