New Thoughts for a mid September Day

I’m going to decrease the number of haiku I write per post. I think trying to write ten per post per week is a bit daunting and that’s not really the point of creativity. Also, if I do write that amount in a week it will allow me to visit my blog with more frequency. Or to write something else entirely since I had never intended my blog to be purely a haiku post. Thanks for listening. Enjoy!

You are an actor
In a vast theatrical

Use well your present;
It foreshadows your future
And cements your past.

Life without purpose
Is like walking in circles;
Effort come to naught.

Meditate on this:
Your life is a work of art;
Fashion it with care.

Unfinished projects
Become millstones round our necks.
Mem’ries of failure.


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