Haiku for a Sunday Evening

Didn’t mean to take the week off from writing, but the week just got carried away with itself. So here’s a bunch of haiku to put me back in the saddle. Enjoy!

A world of pure light,
Where all act honorably;
I’d like to see that.

Be inspiration.
Let those who know you draw strength
From your example.

No dream is too big.
You’re only limited by
Your expectations.

Spirit energy,
Positive or negative,
Is easily spread.

Karma is a bitch.
What you give out to the world
Will come back to you.

No words can describe
The beauty of a flower
Or the smell of death.

Some people won’t learn.
They’ve fashioned themselves blinders
That they won’t take off.

Are you living life
The best way you know how or
Just slouching through it?

Another day dawns;
A new chance for hope and change.
How will you use it?

I would like minions;
Little imps that mill about,
Doing my bidding.


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