Sonnet 20 (For Duke and Ivan: Two Brothers)

I have not posted in months. Truth is I got married in October and my wife is expecting in September and life has just been one whirlwind of activity after another. But, hopefully, I’m getting a handle on it…at least for now. This is a sonnet I just finished, dedicated to my somewhat new kitten/son who just celebrated 1 year with us this week. It is co-dedicated to his brother, Ivan, a Russian blue who called me dad for twenty years before crossing over two years ago. Ivan’s presence is still felt in our house in Duke’s resemblance to him and it is often hard to not see one without the other inside. Enjoy.

A little man has come into our lives,

A grey and white expression of pure joy,

Within his gaze a brother passed survives,

Assuring us he is, in fact, our boy.

His antic mayhem livens up the dawn,

A silver blur that breaks the day’s repose,

Transforming tranquil times for stretch and yawn

To “pounce and run” attacks upon our toes.

And thus the day is born and bound to stay,

With wacky happiness patrols on tap,

In swift pursuit of life’s most “purrfect” day

Till playful kittens crave a Dukey-nap.

Though none could take the place of brothers gone

In this new son my love for both lives on.


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