A Backlog of Haiku

Trying to jump back on the horse. Thank you to all who liked my recent posting of Sonnet 20. Here are some backlogged haiku that I wrote in late 2012 and am just now getting around to posting. Have a great day!


“Peace is my passion.”

Wise words to consider from

Thomas Jefferson.


How easy it is

To become hardened of heart

In cynical times.


I cannot abide

People who choose to be mean

For their own pleasure.


You can accomplish

Any goal with patience, love,

Resolve and fairness.


I will not accept

The selfish parameters

Of your perception.


The war rages on.

Rival ideologies;

Haves versus have nots.


Failure is a step

On the long road to success,

Sweetening the pot.


Autumn’s in the air.

Green becomes gold, red, orange,

While a chill descends.


The very best days

Are those in which you awake

And feel God’s presence.


Always watch your back.

Not to sound cynical but

Bad people exist.


No such obstacles

Exist which can keep you from

Your impassioned goals.


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