Some Current Haiku

Trying to stay afloat and remain creative, here are ten new haiku to peruse and enjoy. Peace.


Miracles occur

As the first fingers of dawn

Smudge gold the blue bend.


Stop running away.

You will have no inner peace

Till you stand your ground.


When jackals attack

It’s best to grin and bear it.

They are fast disarmed.


Have a backup plan

No matter how sure you are

That things will work out.


Make each day matter;

Experiencing new things

Enriches your life.


It’s all management:

Outline your goals, pursue them,

Assess and repeat


Failure and success:

What others want for you and

What you want for yourself.


Your dreams are not dead.

They just sometimes take long naps.

Well, nap time’s over!


What is a father?

I better figure that out.

I will soon be one.


Some day very soon

My little menagerie

Will gain a new soul.


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