Some Long Overdue Haiku

Here are some haiku from the last few months. Life has been so crazy of late. Its just a joy to be able to post after such a long absence. Enjoy!



Manage the small things

And the big things will show up

In their own due time.


I am not the hare.

I’ve always been the turtle.

But I still get there.



That’s how you must live your life.

Give it all you’ve got.


There’s no going back.

Life’s an endless “do-over,”

Just not from the start.


Birds and bees call me,

“Into the forest follow.

We shall nourish thee.”


The dream is alive.

It is simply malnourished

And weary of war.


No words can express

The beauty of a sunset

Or a newborn child.


It’s not good enough.

Whatever it is you’ve done,

You must do better.


Fly with the eagles.

Let your imagination

Soar above the clouds.


You can get through this.

Your were bred for endurance

And resilience.