Some new haiku to chew on

I’m not very good at consistency, but when I get the odd chance I do like to post. Here are my ten most recent haiku. Summer’s here. Maybe just maybe I’ll get to post again soon. Enjoy!


Focus attention

  On that which you desire and

It shall become yours.


Believe and receive.

Know all possibilities.

Are born within you.


Yes, I can do it.

Absolutely anything

If I just believe.


There will be sadness.

But there will also be joy.

Life just works that way.


Shut up and listen!

God may be speaking to you,

But you keep talking!



Have you awakened

To the possibilities

Of your existence?


Sculptor meet Stone Block.

You are your own work of art.

Shape your heart’s desire.


Without discipline

There will be no lasting change.

It must lead the way.


You’re too serious.

Don’t forget to laugh each day.

It lightens the soul.


It’s no mystery.

Eat right, exercise, and laugh,

And you’ll be healthy.


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