Haiku Post-Parent

I haven’t posted anything since June. Since my last posting I became a daddy and that has pretty much become my entire world. To date my little boy, John Adams Tiberius, is two weeks and five days old. So here’s a few haiku from the frazzled world of parenthood. Hopefully as things stabilize I will start posting a little more frequently. Enjoy!

Strive for perfection
But not at the expense of
Getting the job done.

Make your legacy
Be the love and gratitude
Of cared-for children.

I shall be called Dad
Fiercely loyal defender
Of the Prince of Pork.

The baby’s coming.
What the hell do I do now?
The baby’s coming!

Achieve mastery
In any field you so choose
Through honest, hard work.

I can’t believe it.
I’m going to be a father.
How did that happen?

Desiring success
And actively seeking it
Are not the same thing.

Do you really think
That God would send you to earth
Without a purpose?

Your dreams have merit.
Now, which will you make come true
And which let slide by.

You’ve got the knowhow.
Know that you know what you know
And know they know so.

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