Fresh Start / Fresh Haiku

So, having said in my last post that I want to expand the scope of my blog to include musings and such other than poetry, (restoring it back to it’s original intent) I have been doing a lot of writing lately and do want to share a few of my more recent haiku. I don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater; just be more than I have been of late. Here’s some fresh haiku over the last few days.


I have no limits.
I reject limitation.
It is the World’s Lie.

Let go of the good
In order to find the great.
You have to make room.

Each is both and both are one.
Circle unbroken.

God is in us all;
Apparent in our actions,
Art and behavior.

Play God a little.
Use your imagination.
The world’s yours to make.

If you’ve lost your way
Take responsibility
And find the road back.

Is my personal platform:
Good, light, life, love, peace.

Entertain no thought
That lowers your energy,
Hopes or self-esteem.

You are of value.
This was never in question,
But bears reminding.

No one is coming.
The rescue has been canceled.
You are on your own.

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