Some Haiku to Chew On

How can I best serve
The people that I care for
That need a leg up?

Without taking risks
You will never know success
On the grandest scale.

There is no success
If the possibility
Of failure is nil.

Hope is not a plan.
Prepare your course of action,
Do not just “wing it.”

Creative juices
Flowing and charged to begin.
Imagine and “Go!”

We are what we do.
Excellence is not an act,
It is a habit.

Dreaming means nothing
If not followed by action.
It’s just wasted time.

Make an action plan.
Decide what you really want
And then go get it.

I am one with God.
I am I and God is God.
We are one with all.

Connect with Nature.
God’s Nature and Nature’s God;
They are one with you.

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