Poetry Book Announcement

Dear Readers of Reflections of Shangri-La,

I have some personally exciting news: In just a few days I will be self-publishing my first book of poetry on Amazon.com. Titled True Haiku for You the book is comprised of 366 inspirational, motivational, and spiritual haiku from some of my earlier years of writing haiku. The book will come out first in softcover format but will be available for Kindle a few days later. This book, my first ever, is really a labor of love and is intended as a daily inspirational reader for anyone who both likes haiku and needs a little lift. Here’s an excerpt from the Preface:

“True Haiku for You, or The Haiku Project which is the complete unpublished collection of poetry from which True Haiku is drawn, was begun back in 2001 as therapy writing in response to the death of my father, James F. Michael, the year prior. Sitting in study hall (I was a school teacher from 2001 to 2004) the day after watching Dr. Wayne Dyer’s PBS special, There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem, I felt compelled to begin writing haiku as an expression of my feelings. I thought that if I wrote myself a little daily inspirational note that perhaps it would both pull me out of the doldrums of depression resulting from my father’s loss, and also fulfill my need to create, a need that had been largely stifled after his death. The process was slow at first, but haiku have a way of racking up over the long haul and before long I had amassed several hundred haiku on a variety of topics.”

Whether you decide to invest in my little book or not is a matter of choice of course, but for myself, whether the book sells one copy or a hundred it is a major milestone in my personal and creative life. Thank you to everyone who reads my blog from time to time, and thank you for considering buying and/or reviewing my little labor of love when it comes available very shortly.