Some Haiku to Chew…On

Well, my book True Haiku for You is now available on Amazon. And while I couldn’t be prouder of that and of the forthcoming Kindle version to be out shortly, the writing of new haiku is never far from my mind. Since my last post had nothing to do with poetry it seemed appropriate to post a fresh batch just written in the last few days. As always, thanks for reading, and enjoy!


Why can’t we agree

On what is best for our world?

It should be simple.


If you want the moon

You have to build the rocket

That will take you there.


To be a Christian

You should know what Jesus said.

People forget that.


Oppression exists,

But it rarely comes from where

People claim it does.


How are you feeling?

Take stock of your emotions.

Are you up or down?


The world is waiting

For what you have to offer.

Never doubt your worth.


A wind is blowing.

Let it carry you away

Toward adventure.


What would your dad think?

Would he be proud of you if

He could see you now?


No man walks alone;

He carries his ancestors

Passions, hopes, and fears.


Sometimes I wonder

Whether I really exist

Or am just a dream.


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