Warp Speed. Engage

Warp Speed1

A very cool and exciting thing has been ongoing for me for a little over a month now. A work colleague and friend of mine, Christopher Noffke, approached me about doing some music doctoring on a project that he was directing entitled, Warp Speed: a Sci Fi Parody Musical. Christopher remembered my work on a show at the Blatt’s Dinner Theatre (now defunct but reformed as the Pines Dinner Theater) and asked me if I would write some new music for the show. What started out as a two-song deal turned into four, and has not only given me a New York credit as a composer, but has sparked a kind of creative renewal in my composition work. Since finishing the Warp Speed commission I have steadily set about revising many of my old choral compositions, some of which were premiered, but never were typeset well, and some of which have never had a premiere. I haven’t really composed in many years, so this has proven very exciting.

In addition, I just learned from Oliver Blatt that he has been retained to provide tracks for many of the songs in the show, including mine. Ollie and I haven’t spoken much for several years now. Suddenly, due to a song I wrote perhaps twelve years ago, I have a NY credit, I’m writing again, and Ollie and I are both communicating and collaborating. Life is funny and certainly interconnected. Thanks, Christopher. Thanks, Warp Speed.

Now go see the show. It premieres in NY as part of the Midtown International Theatre Festival on August 1. Information can be found at http://www.warpspeedthemusical.com

Oh, and by the way, another old friend, Peter Lam, is in it. Set phasers to crazy!

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