Lots of Nice Things

     Summer has really flown by for me, especially the months of July and August, and I’ve had so many nice things  occur that its scary/awesome. I’ve probably experienced the most creative period of the last fifteen years of my life if not of my life period. I released my first book of poetry, True Haiku for You, on Amazon in both print and kindle formats. My first children’s book, Daddy Doesn’t Purr, is in the final stages of development, is looking super cute, and is set for a November release. The New York fringe musical, Warp Speed, that I was invited to contribute songs to opened and closed successfully, and there is a possibility of future performances. Simultaneous to the above, I was music directing two other shows in Virginia, West Side Story and Spamalot, one which opened and closed well and the other which is poised to do the same. I’ve just been cast in It’s a Wonderful Life, the Radio Play. And, perhaps most telling of my artistic mental state, I’ve returned to writing choral music for the first time in a decade. Somehow in all that mess above we found time to take my wonderful son and wife on a grand vacation to Myrtle Beach for a week. So life is good. Busy, but good.

So enjoy this week’s bunch of new haiku and know that they are coming from a very grateful guy who’s had an amazing summer so far.



It doesn’t matter

Whether you’re lazy or scared,

The result’s the same.



There will always be

Tiny little setbacks, but

You must look past them.



Don’t allow money

To determine your net worth;

It’s but one factor.


There’s always a way

To achieve what you desire,

But you must find it.



There’s no benefit

To being a person who

Doesn’t keep their word.


Remember each day

To show appreciation

For all that you have.


Engulfed in darkness,

Someone is looking to you

To light their way out.


Karma is a bitch.

That which you do to others

Will come back to you.


There’s always a way

To turn a situation

To your advantage.


You can’t just sit here

And wait for things to happen.

You must get out there.