Some Fall Haiku

With fall in the air it seemed time to post again. Good things are happening. I will keep you posted. In the meantime…


Dream. Dream. Dream. Dream. Dream.
Do. Do. Do. Do. Do. Do. Do.
Be. Be. Be. Be. Be.

They are all the same:
Your bliss, destiny, purpose,
Personal legend.

Silence all chatter.
You may catch the whisperings
Of a weary God.

It’s far too easy
To quit before beginning
And say you couldn’t.

Who you are is a
Combo of how you were born
And what you’ve done since.

Light shines brightest on
The one who stand in the sun
With their head held high.

To rule in hell or
To serve in heaven. Your choice.
Each has pros and cons.

Hopes, fears, dreams, desires.
No one’s who you think they are;
Not entirely.

We are energy,
Positive and negative.
What we give we get.

Happy Birthday, Haiku!

My little boy, John Adams Tiberius Michael turned 1 year old today! I have no idea where the time went. In honor of his birthday I have composed ten special haiku for him. Someday he will be old enough to read them. Until then, they will just have to wait.

Happy Birthday, Buppy!


Happy Birthday, son.
John Adams Tiberius,
You are the best boy.

Where has the time gone?
My little boy’s almost one.
How did that happen?

 Every morning
When you first see me, you smile.
Best part of my day.

  Whatever you want,
I’ll try to give it to you.
But for now, think cheap.

My brave little man,
You have filled up our days with
Love, laughter, and poop.

 Know that we love you
And will always care for you
And feed you bacon.

 We’re so proud of you
And all that you’ve accomplished.
Poop for everyone!

 Like his grandfather,
My boy has a public face
He knows how to use.

  I want you to grow,
And I don’t want you to grow.
Such complex feelings.

Parenting is the
Most rewarding and toughest
Job I’ve ever had.

JAT Myrtle1