Children’s Book Announcement: Daddy Doesn’t Purr

I haven’t written a post in about a month, but this one is an important one. On November 12th my first children’s book will come out on and Daddy Doesn’t Purr (But I Love Him Anyway) is the story of Duke, my cat son’s, journey to accept me as his new daddy. Told from his point of view (and written by him – I just transcribed it) Daddy Doesn’t Purr is a short picture book for young readers about accepting our differences and about realizing that families come in many shapes, sizes, species, and configurations.

The book was beautifully illustrated by two of my wife’s cousins, Michelle and Francis McNally, and a portion of the sales from each book will be donated to two animal charities in Virginia: Meow Stories, who first fostered Duke before our adoption, and King George Animal Control, with whom I volunteer.

We’re hoping to donate some decent money to each organization over the holidays (when animals need the most help) so please help spread the word. I’m very excited to get this story out there and in print. If you’re looking for a sweet little stocking stuffer for a young loved one this Christmas, Hanukkah, or some other holiday of your choosing, please give it a thought.

Namaste and Meow

Jason (and Duke)