I’m Still Here

In case there’s any doubt, I’m still alive and kicking. The joys and stresses of fatherhood have been keeping me very busy and off the blogosphere for many months, but rest assured. I’m still around.

Here’s a little update on my activities. Since November my children’s book, Daddy Doesn’t Purr, has sold well on Amazon and we are talking about a sequel. Through the Christmas holiday I was performing in It’s a Wonderful Life: The Live Radio Play, and it was one of the best theatrical experiences I’ve had in many a year. After that I music directed 9 to 5, starring Sally Struthers, and that show is running through early May at the Riverside Center Dinner Theatre in Fredericksburg, VA. I’m getting ready to record four choral pieces of mine for possible publication and I’m currently writing music for A Unitarian Christmas Carol for my good friend, Chris Johns. I’m broke but busy, my son is happy, and my wife is slowly working on her doctoral thesis proposal. Life goes on…

Hopefully, I can be back on my blogging game from now on. So enjoy the below haiku as a token of thanks for not forgetting me. Hope to write again soon.



People will hurt you.
The best you can do: Forgive
And manage your pain.

Oh, to have been born
A young calf in a meadow
With all his troubles.

You bruise easily;
Your heart’s always on your sleeve,
Bleeding and exposed.

On into the dark
We journey swift, uncertain
As to the outcome.

God doesn’t have time
To spell out ev’ry detail
Of your life for you.

No one’s against you
As much as you think they are.
They haven’t the time.

Methodical steps
Toward achieving your dreams
Is a smart, sound route.

Simplify your life,
You slave for your possessions.
You have too much stuff!

I went to the woods
To live deliberately,
But got wet and lost.

Out in wet weather
I contemplate my thoughts
In private silence.