Summer Haiku, and Some Are Not

This week it felt like a good time to take a short break from essaying and get back to sharing some of the month’s better haiku. Work is well underway on my next collection of haiku. Titled A Haiku a Day this next book, due out in a month or so will feature gorgeous photography by one of my oldest friends in the world, Carolyn Leshock. Anyway, enough with the commercial.

Enjoy and namaste,


“Love one another”
Why in the world is that hard?
Just love each other!

I think little boys
Exist as an excuse for
Their dads to play games.

There are no answers
When one asks the question of
Man’s stupidity.

In a hundred years,
The problems of the present
Will be so much dust.

Miracles exist
If you know where to find them,
And believe in them.

If you change your thoughts,
Your reality will change.
It’s cause and effect.

Part of the Journey
You’ll have to walk by yourself,
But not all of it.

When you are lost think:
“Where do I want to go?” not
“How did I get here?”

Each tomato seed
That bursts forth is a promise
Of God’s abundance.

Love is the answer.
If so, what is the question?
Makes no difference.


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