Fall Into Haiku

Every couple of weeks I try to post some of my newest haiku. This has been a busy fall so far and I’m a little behind in all my work as it is already. But there always has to be time for poetry, right? So here goes and enjoy. Namaste.

 Know you are worthy
Of all life has to offer.
Accept its bounty

Where’s your sacred space,
Locale out of time and place,
Landscaped in love’s light?

You can get through this.
God has blessed you with the strength
And the endurance.

Know that all things work,
Not on your set schedule,
But rather on God’s.

Believe the future
Will always be brighter than
Your present moment.

Stunning azure sky,
Memories of Santa Fe,
Loveliest of blues.

Know that it is hard
To accept things as they are,
But sometimes you must.

Your words mean nothing
If not followed by action;
They are ink and air.

Each tiny squirrel
Knows more about who she is
Than any human.

You must side with love.
No matter the argument,
Love must always win.


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