A Haiku a Day – Book Announcement

Haiku Book Cover_WEB_SmallIn a few weeks it is my hope to release my second book of haiku, titled A Haiku a Day, on Amazon. This book is drawn from my earliest mature poems, written while I was still a school teacher in North Philly between 2001 and 2004. Over ten years in development, A Haiku a Day features thirty special images created by artist and lifelong friend, Miss Carolyn Leshock. Carolyn has taken original photos, blended each one with a related haiku, embedded each photo with a corresponding Chinese character, and ultimately created beautifully illustrative works of art that pepper the book with color and exquisite complementary beauty.


The book features 366 poems total, inclusive of the imaged haiku, and is designed as a sequel to my first book of poetry, True Haiku for You, published on Amazon last year. A Haiku a Day, inspired by the writings of the late spiritual guru, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, is appropriately dedicated to his legacy and the impact he had on my life.


An absolute labor of love, I can’t wait to release A Haiku a Day into the universe. Please look for it on Amazon and check out Carolyn’s other work at www.leshockarts.com. Consider it as a holiday present, birthday gift, or a special surprise for that person in your life that could use a daily reminder of how wonderful and unique they truly are. Thanks for listening and have a divinely inspired day.



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