October Haiku for You

Hi everyone. It’s been a busy week, but that doesn’t stop the making of haiku right now. The proof of A Haiku a Day arrived in the mail and is being revised, I continue to write fresh haiku every day, and another children’s book is in development. Lots to do this month. But in the meantime, enjoy some new haiku and Happy Samhain, October, Halloween, or just have a great day. Namaste.

Someone and some such
Went and did something somewhere.
We should care. The end.

A chink in the mail
Affects the entire suit.
Know thy weaknesses.

All evil will out
For it cannot help itself.
Its ego craves fame.

Are you listening?
One action of good merit
Empowers the next.

Kernels of wisdom
Are planted in the soil of
Profound suffering.

Honor your failures;
They’ve taught you more about life
Than anything else.

You must rise above
Whatever life throws your way.
Don’t become depressed.

Autumn’s round the bend,
Entering with falling leaves –
Red, orange, yellow.

You control two things:
How you prepare for crises,
And how you respond.

Attempt something new
As often as possible.
Don’t let life grow stale.

Dr. Wayne Dyer – An Addendum

A few weeks ago I blogged about the death of spiritual guru, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, and of his importance to my life. Without his influence on me via his PBS special back in 2001, my life would be vastly different. I cannot stress enough how much his work and example have altered me for the better. And after August 29, 2015, I fully expected that his direct influence on our lives had come to an end. That said, since his death there have been no less than four significant developments in the man’s legacy that are worthy of attention.

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

The first came from the family in the form of an autopsy report. Wayne had been diagnosed with leukemia back in 2009. Rather than accept the all too seemingly natural course of a debilitating cancer, he opted for a highly controversial treatment – psychic surgery performed remotely by the Brazilian mystic, John of God. Wayne recounted his experience with the procedure numerous times, acknowledged his own skepticism and gradual conversion to belief, and ultimately claimed that he had been cured by the suspect treatment. The autopsy report miraculously bore him out. Cause of death was a heart attack – there was no trace of cancer found in his body at the time of death.

The second notable occurrence was recounted in a letter from Hay House president, Reid Tracy. In a prepared statement released to Facebook, Reid made his readers aware that August 30 was actually Wayne’s day of greatest significance. On August 30, 1974 Wayne, after years of searching, discovered his father’s grave on the grounds of a private hotel and, after hours of emotional release, forgave his father and determined to send him love thereafter. Within two weeks he wrote his groundbreaking bestseller, Your Erroneous Zones, and his life was forever changed. Wayne considered the confrontation and subsequent resolution with his father to be the turning point in his life. Dying in the middle of the night, between August 29 and August 30, Wayne died on the anniversary of his reunion and reconciliation with his father; his special day forever memorialized by his own passing.

The third event was the publication, also to Facebook, of a photo taken by daughter Serena after the spreading of Wayne’s ashes off the shores of Maui. As the sun hits the water in the photo, Wayne’s face is clearly visible amidst the ripples. The family has taken it as a sign of Wayne’s peace and happiness with his passing. The rest of his admirers are just astounded that this man continues to send examples of his teachings from the beyond.

Wayne's Face in the Water

Wayne’s Face in the Water

Lastly, Wayne’s final published book I Can See Clearly Now was a personal memoir of episodes from his own life and lessons that he drew from each episode. It would have seemed to be a fitting tribute and end to a legacy of more than 40 books. However, Amazon is already taking orders for the next to be published Wayne Dyer book – a collaboration with Dee Garnes of children’s recollections of the beyond called Memories of Heaven. It would seem that even though Wayne has passed he still has more to say. How appropriate that his next/last? book will be focused on the afterlife. Did he go there to collect more information for forthcoming installments? Will he be channeled like Abraham through Esther Hicks? Will his children carry on his legacy with guidance from him in some as of yet undetermined way? If there’s one thing fourteen years of putting my faith in the guidance of Wayne Dyer has taught me, it’s that we probably haven’t heard the last of him, even in death.

And you know what? That’s just fine with me. I need all the help I can get.

Much love, Wayne.



Memories of Heaven

Memories of Heaven

October is Haiku Time

I haven’t posted any new haiku in several weeks. Most of my haiku effort has been going into the editing and publication of A Haiku a Day which, I’m happy to say, is currently at the proofing stage. I’m hoping to see a softcover version of it within the next two weeks. That’s super exciting for both myself and the artist, Carolyn Leshock. But creation never really stops does it? It just temporarily shifts focus to give due attention to whatever is front and center, and I do have some new haiku to offer. So here you go and Happy October everyone.



Become an expert
At something of importance;
Be necessary.

Know that you now know,
If not all you need to know,
At least, what to know.

Whatever you want
Know that you are capable
Of acquiring it.

Make a schedule,
Then, dag nabbit, stick to it!
Watch your life improve.

Don’t stop dreaming, but
Just as important is don’t
Stop working for them.

When the chips are down
Come up swinging, hitch your pants,
Mix your metaphors.

Each incarnation
Is unique in its own way.
Make this one matter.

Always lead with love,
Even when vanquishing foes.
Especially then.

All God asks of you
Is be a better person
Than the day prior.

What if your purpose
Is all that you’ve been doing
While searching for it?