October is Haiku Time

I haven’t posted any new haiku in several weeks. Most of my haiku effort has been going into the editing and publication of A Haiku a Day which, I’m happy to say, is currently at the proofing stage. I’m hoping to see a softcover version of it within the next two weeks. That’s super exciting for both myself and the artist, Carolyn Leshock. But creation never really stops does it? It just temporarily shifts focus to give due attention to whatever is front and center, and I do have some new haiku to offer. So here you go and Happy October everyone.



Become an expert
At something of importance;
Be necessary.

Know that you now know,
If not all you need to know,
At least, what to know.

Whatever you want
Know that you are capable
Of acquiring it.

Make a schedule,
Then, dag nabbit, stick to it!
Watch your life improve.

Don’t stop dreaming, but
Just as important is don’t
Stop working for them.

When the chips are down
Come up swinging, hitch your pants,
Mix your metaphors.

Each incarnation
Is unique in its own way.
Make this one matter.

Always lead with love,
Even when vanquishing foes.
Especially then.

All God asks of you
Is be a better person
Than the day prior.

What if your purpose
Is all that you’ve been doing
While searching for it?


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