October Haiku for You

Hi everyone. It’s been a busy week, but that doesn’t stop the making of haiku right now. The proof of A Haiku a Day arrived in the mail and is being revised, I continue to write fresh haiku every day, and another children’s book is in development. Lots to do this month. But in the meantime, enjoy some new haiku and Happy Samhain, October, Halloween, or just have a great day. Namaste.

Someone and some such
Went and did something somewhere.
We should care. The end.

A chink in the mail
Affects the entire suit.
Know thy weaknesses.

All evil will out
For it cannot help itself.
Its ego craves fame.

Are you listening?
One action of good merit
Empowers the next.

Kernels of wisdom
Are planted in the soil of
Profound suffering.

Honor your failures;
They’ve taught you more about life
Than anything else.

You must rise above
Whatever life throws your way.
Don’t become depressed.

Autumn’s round the bend,
Entering with falling leaves –
Red, orange, yellow.

You control two things:
How you prepare for crises,
And how you respond.

Attempt something new
As often as possible.
Don’t let life grow stale.


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