Thankfully Haiku

Happy Almost Thanksgiving, Everyone! My posting has slowed in the last couple of weeks due to the demands of the school semester and various other commitments pulling at me. Our new book of poetry, A Haiku a Day, is in the second stage of proofing and should be out after Thanksgiving, certainly by early December; Sister Act is closed for me; and the semester is just a few weeks from ending. And that means more time for writing! Yay! But until that time comes here’s a handful of haiku to take you into the holidays. Namaste, and may the times ahead be filled with light and love for you. Write to you soon, Jason

Don’t bite off too much
And wonder why you can’t chew.
Eat moderately.

Do as you are told,
And you’ll never know the joy
Of being alive.

Believe the future
Will always be brighter than
Your present moment.

Devour the words
Of the world’s master teachers.
They have spoken for you.

Is it possible
That technology impedes
Our evolution?

Be an example
How to live well for others.
Be inspiring.

Cultivate courage,
Stand up to your addictions,
Stand up for your life.

Strive to serve others,
And in so doing you’ll serve
Your own desires.

Daily make someone
Aware of their importance,
Make them feel special.

Remember to be
Thankful for everything
That you are and have.

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