Haiku – Off and Running

It’s February already, and the New Year is bringing its share of joys and challenges, not the least of which is all the snow that’s been dumped all over Virginia. I’m chipping away at my goal of 5,000 haiku before the year is out. Below is a sampling of what’s coming through so far. Judging by the almost ubiquitous theme of motivation in achievement of one’s dreams, I’d say it’s a pretty good bet that’s what’s on my mind for now. I think I need a vacation! Anyway, you judge for yourself and thanks for reading.



At the heart of all
Personal development
Is motivation.

Can you honestly
Tell me you’re not worth your dreams?
No, of course you can’t.

Offer gratitude
For all that the past year was,
And all that will be.

Let go of control.
Life will be what it will be.
Plan it but detach.

Welcome challenges.
They’re the only way we grow:
Overcoming them

Define for yourself
What you want, what you will do,
Who you want to be.

Ev’rytime I think
About societal norms
I get a headache.

Sometimes your purpose
Can sit inactive for years
While you deny it.

Being grateful for
Things when they don’t go your way
Is awfully hard.

Live your best life now.
Decide what you want from life;
Resolve to get it.

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