Ascending the Summit

Well, it’s late spring again, and that can mean only one thing: The Hay House World Summit has rolled around again, and I’m cramming in as much free bathroom morning listening as I can to inspire my day and change my life for the better. Since 2013, Hay House Publishing has held a multi-week free online listening intensive where people can choose from a range of emerging and established self-help and spiritual authors and listen to one-hour conversations with them. There are movies, supplementary worksheets, and this year a self-guided workbook with multiple courses of study; and the best part is that it’s all free!

Let me say up front I’m not affiliated with Hay House and I get no money or press from praising the Summit. It’s an event that for the last four years I have participated in and look forward to each year, and I just really think it’s worth people’s time to participate in. In 2012, Nancy took me to Atlanta for my birthday for their I Can Do It conference. I Can Do It is essentially the same thing as the Summit but on steroids. You are there, the speakers are there, and for several days you are flooded with positive energy, thoughts, and personalities. The big difference of course is the cost, and I Can Do It isn’t cheap, and it’s gotten much more expensive since we went.


Nancy and I at I Can Do It! Atlanta, 2012

But for those of us who are financially challenged, the Hay House World Summit fills a much needed void, and until we can put the money aside to go a live event again, it will do nicely.

As of this writing, the HHWS 2016 is starting Week 3 of four, so there’s still time to get a healthy dose of listening in. Since it started on May 7, I’ve listened to Brendan Burchard, Louise Hay, Greg Frucci, Mike Dooley, and J.B. Glossinger, and watched three short movies – Painting the Future, My Greatest Teacher, and the late Debbie Ford’s The Shadow Effect – all for free. I’ve learned about bone broth, the GAPs Diet, strategies for planning my day more productively; I’ve done a guided meditation, and contemplated my “shadow nature.” With 100 authors to listen to over the four weeks (plus multiple movies), your experience won’t be mine, but there’s no telling what you may learn to help you grow, or at the very least, what you may want to learn more about after the Summit closes. 

Hay House World Summit 2016

And make no mistake, I’m very much aware that one of the purposes of the HHWS is to expand awareness of these authors’ work so that you want to go out and buy their books, hear them speak, and explore more of what they do. That’s a given. Without someone buying their merchandise they wouldn’t exist. But it’s also a given that by signing up you are not obligated to buy anything; just listen, explore, learn, and grow.

If you’re interested in signing up here’s the link to begin.

Now if you’ll excuse me Louise Hay has something uplifting to tell me in my bathtub, and I don’t want to miss what she has to say. Won’t you join us?





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