The View from Haiku

I haven’t posted any haiku for several weeks, and I thought it was time for a break from essaying and for sharing some poetry. In a related update, my first book signing at England Run Library through the Central Rappahannock Regional Library System went very well (yes, I did sell something, thank you), and I’m looking forward to the next one on June 25th. Until my next blog post, here’s some inspirational haiku to get you through the week.

When you’re living life
According to your own rules
Doubt not, you’ll know it.

Muster the courage
To take your first fearful steps
Into the unknown.

Have faith in yourself.
God lies within each of us.
Trust yourself, trust God.

Changes always come.
They are inevitable.
Your reaction’s not.

The you you once knew
Isn’t the you you are now.
Be the you you are.


Rainbow over Route 3 outside Fredericksburg, taken through my windshield

It’s time for changes,
Changes in outlook, manner,
And life’s direction.

Wallaby babies:
Just think about them playing.
Pure bliss, pure laughter.

You can do better.
Whatever level you’re on,
You can step it up.

What is your purpose –
Have you any sense of it?
Any directives?

There’s always a way
To make all your dreams come true.
You must just find it.



Book Signing0001

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