Midsummer Haiku

It’s late July and, whether you’re inside or outside, it’s hot here in Virginia. My book signings went well, my family is reunited, and we’re trying to squeeze some collective summer memories into our lives before the craziness that is late August. And speaking of craziness, the presidential campaign season is in full bloom, and if you don’t duck you might get hit by a heap of slung mud. At the very least it’s easy to be brought down by all the negative rhetoric. I have some new ideas for blog posts coming up, but until then enjoy a few empowering haiku written well before, but seemingly inspired by or in response to, our present national dialogue.

Ev’rywhere you look
Possibilities exist
For a better world.

You can’t win them all,
But by staying in the game
You can win a few.

What is your purpose?
Listen to the God within
To hear your answer.

You have a calling,
To make people’s lives better,
To offer them joy.

Spread your light around;
Let people know they have worth,
That they are worthy.


Wildflowers at Shenandoah National Park, July 22, 2016

What does the world need?
More compassion, kindness, love,
Tolerance, and peace.

The world’s had enough
Hatred, bigotry, judgment,

Hey! You reading this:
You really can change the world.
One choice at a time.

For better or worse,
We all share the same planet.
Let’s try playing nice.

Relax, take a breath,
Center yourself, and intone:
Peace is the answer.




On our way toward a new adventure.

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