Tony Robbins – Are You My Guru?

About a week ago, in mid-July, Netflix unceremoniously dropped an original documentary into my Top Picks for You category. The film, Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru, is just shy of two hours and follows motivational speaker Tony Robbins through a six-day event called Date with Destiny that he and his huge staff host in various places around the world. Participants, for the low, low price of $5,000 for the week attend workshops, group sessions, and lectures given by Robbins himself as they attempt to transform their life from whatever place they currently find themselves in to a new and better place of strength, courage, fulfillment, peace, or what have you. Over the course of the documentary, a handful of attendees are focused on and given epilogues after the fact with mostly positive results reported. I put the documentary on one afternoon almost on a dare/whim and left it run out in the background of my day. I had had very little exposure to Tony Robbins in the past, save purchasing on the cheap through iTunes a series of The Edge audio books that I tired of somewhat quickly, as they felt more like infomercials promoting more expensive content. But this movie, even half-listening, felt more like the real deal, and I found myself getting occasionally wrapped up in Tony’s interventions and interviews. So I determined to sit down and focus on the whole thing straight through. And I’m glad I did.


Tony Robbins in a Date with Destiny event

Over the course of the two hours the film focuses on, among others, a suicidal young man, a woman in a dysfunctional relationship, another with “Daddy issues,” and another woman raised and abused in a sex cult. Each interaction/intervention with Tony Robbins proves tough to harsh, profane, emotionally super-charged, and ultimately, very strangely, loving in that “I’m kicking your ass for your own good” kind of way. Each segment is full of hugs, confrontations, and tears, and I found myself deeply moved by many moments in both viewings. I had never witnessed anything quite like Tony Robbins style of self-care: a hyper-steroid induced blend of Iyanla Vanzant, Caroline Myss, and Dr. Phil, but seemingly, almost inexplicably, grounded in the most loving and compassionate of philosophies.

In so much of what Tony Robbins said I could hear my own self-appointed guru, the late Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, saying to these people, albeit in a far more in your face and deliberately vulgarized way.

            You are a part of God

            You are worthy of love

            You are the story you tell yourself you are

Wayne’s way was one of patience, quiet, gentleness, introspection, and meditation on poetry and seminal texts. Tony’s is loud, jarring, abrupt, profane, immediate, and definitely “not in your head.” But both at their core seem to advocate for positive change, personal responsibility, God realization, and an acceptance and embracing of love, both from self and others, that we often feel we are unworthy of receiving. Like two radio stations that play Pop music, Wayne’s focus was on power ballads, while Tony’s plays upbeat dance and techno, but both men seem tuned into the same frequency, Source, themes, and intentions.

The one-year anniversary of Wayne Dyer’s death is fast approaching. He died of a heart attack in his sleep on August 29th of 2015. My heart has maintained a gaping void since then that has yet to be filled by the passing of a man who I studied and read voraciously for sixteen years, heard speak in person three times, and credit his teachings with salvaging my own imploding life in the early 2000s. The facts that I just finished reading Memories of Heaven, Wayne’s last posthumously published book, and that two of Wayne’s daughters claimed in a recent online interview that Wayne continues to guide their lives from beyond, are both comforting and helpful in maintaining my love and interest in my late guru’s work. But I’m just not sure that after sixteen years of meditative study and dedication that it’s not time to turn up the volume, get tough on my life, and join the dance party. So I’ve been asking myself for a week now, and I would at least ask you to consider asking the same question:

Tony Robbins: Are You My New Guru? 

I think I know my answer. What about you?

Watch the movie on Netflix, if you can, and share your thoughts with me.





5 thoughts on “Tony Robbins – Are You My Guru?

  1. Great post.
    I watched the Guru movie on Netflix and thought it was a good insight of what actually happens at “date with destiny”. I’ve been and it changed my life. Tony Robbins is the real deal.
    Another conference he runs that’s not as expensive is “unleash the power within” it’s approx $1000 and it’s a good intro to resetting some inner conflicts and things you’d like to change or release. He even gets you to walk on fire which I’ve done a few times and will be redoing again in September. It’s a way of learning to get past fear and just do it.

    I’ve recently begun my Wayne dyer journey and have listened to audio books by him and looked up interviews… Wayne is calming and I like a lot of his teachings. Anthony Robbins is pumped with confidence and will push you out of your comfort zone, I think a good mix of Wayne and anthony is a good combination.


    • Thanks for taking the time to write such an insightful response. I’m very jealous that you’ve been to a conference with him and you found it fulfilling. I think that’s wonderful, and would love to do that myself when I get the money together. And you’ve walked on the infamous hot coals? Brilliant!

      I started my journey with Wayne with his books The Power of Intention and Inspiration, and then worked forward and backward from there. He really became a life changer and lifesaver for me. I hope you find the same is true for you. Thanks again for your thoughts. I’d love to hear more.

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      • My Wayne journey has just begun and I would have loved to see him live. I have dowloaded some audio books and YouTube has ALOT to offer also.
        Anthony Robbins events are life changing and you end up meeting some great people there also – like minded people focused on making a change. If you want to attend an affordable event- UPW is a good starting place. Something worth saving for.
        If you read some of his books, a lot of his teaching are in there. I’ve been told his website offers a free coaching session- I haven’t looked into that myself. His CDs are fantastic and YouTube has a lot to offer on his teachings also. Once you attend his events you can become a Volunteer and be in the environment free. He also runs a basket brigade that offers hampers for the needy around Christmas, that’s a place a few people offer help also.
        His website is a good start to learn more about his work and his teachings.

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      • Thanks for all the good advice on Tony Robbins. I will check into the website when I get a chance. You’re right, I have found a lot of good stuff of his on YouTube. I hope you get a chance to read my latest blog about Wayne’s daughter’s article in Elevated Existence. I would suggest that you read it yourself if you have the $4.99 to spare on the June issue. Their website also seems to offer a free copy from another month about Wayne’s teachings that I haven’t gotten around to reading yet. But it might be another good resource for you.

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