Poetry improves lives: a guest post by Jason J. Michael

Here is my first ever Guest Blog Post, “The Healing Power of Haiku,” published on September 12 on http://www.businessinrhyme.com. I’m so thankful to Maja Todorovic for this awesome opportunity. Check it out, and check out all the other wonderful content and guest posts on her site.

Business in Rhyme

This is a guest post, a courtesy of a fellow blogger and poet Jason J. Michael. This essay is a bit longer than usual posts on this blog, but I encourage you to read it through – a touching story on how poetry, particularly haiku has changed his life, literally.

The Healing Power of Haiku

Believe in yourself,
And your ability to
Make a difference.

   On September 3, 2000, when I was twenty-nine, my father died. He smoked himself to death acquiring, in order, blocked arteries, throat cancer, lung cancer, emphysema, and finally congestive heart failure, which in combination with the others claimed his life. His untimely death was fully expected by everyone around him, except for me. A jazz musician, he had quietly sold off his instruments to friends, had delusions of teaching sax quartets in our kitchen, gone to the drugstore in his briefs, and had visions…

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