Monday’s New Haiku

Here’s another installment in my ongoing series of haiku updates. True Haiku for You continues to be sold on Amazon, my new children’s book, Daddy Doesn’t Purr is in process, and for those who read my last post, Warp Speed opens this Friday in New York. Life is good. Enjoy and namaste.

Have the decency
To respect yourself as much
As you do others.

The killing must cease.
Religion is no reason
To kill anyone.

Will we ever learn?
Love given is love gotten.
The same goes for hate.

When the chips are down
Hardnosed hard work pays off more
Than anything else.

The march is uphill.
But what’s the alternative,
Waiting ‘round to die?

 When you fall in love
Fall fully and recklessly.
Throw caution away.

Learn the rules then know
Your greatest hopes of success
Come in breaking them.

An affirmation:
I have a beautiful soul
Filled with potential.

Are you successful?
How do you measure your worth:
Money, friendships, fame?

 Don’t regret your past.
Nothing was avoidable.
You did what you did.