A New Beginning

Over the last year I haven’t been able to blog with any regularity. My new son, John Adams, completing my MFA, being a newlywed, and basic job instability have all taken precedence over regular updates of Reflections from Shangri-La. Also, I fear a problem, was falling into the trap of posting a handful of haiku that I was proud of and calling it done. I love my poetry, my haiku, sonnets, and other work, but R from S was never intended in my mind to be just a poetry blog. Posting my poems is very important. In fact, a very dear friend of mine and I are working on self-publishing my first book of haiku to be out later this year. But that was never intended to be the sole focus of my blog. But then neither was writing something every six months or so.

Over the next several weeks I am going to recommit myself to the maintenance of this blog. I will continue to publish haiku from time to time, but I plan on reclaiming it for its original purpose which was to muse on all things spiritual, healthy, positive and beneficial both to myself and (hopefully) to others. I would like to see it be a vital forum for the exploration of ideas, for spinning out societal concerns, for dreaming big, living large, and (though the T.R. phrase is overused right now it is apt) “daring greatly.”

If you are a reader of my haiku I hope you will give me a chance to be more. I know I can be and I know Reflections from Shangri-La needs to be more to feed my own spirit. Thanks for listening.

Yours along the journey,