Christmas in July Haiku

I have to remain creative. This summer is so much about absorbing what’s out there, rather than creating anew. With all my primary summer creative projects cancelled, it’s a ‘caretaker’ summer, managing what is rather than making what isn’t. My haiku at least let me express daily a small measure of my feelings. So here are some more from the backlog. These are the last of 2019, before the plague, before the shutdown, before the world changed. I hope their simple messages give you joy or comfort, whatever you need most right now. I’ll be back again soon. Until then, stay safe, wash your hands, wear your mask, and make whatever lemonade you can from the lemons of your life.

Wishing you well,


Let come what will come
And respond accordingly
As the night to day.

How shall we proceed?
What shall we prioritize,
And what abandon?

You must find your way
Back to a more powerful place
Where love can flourish.

I know you’re nervous.
Trust that you’ve got what it takes
To be successful.

We shall do our best,
And only we determine
What that best shall be.


The family on an outing this summer.

Gradually calm.
One breath at a time. In. Out.
Rest in the moment.

What’s most important
Is that you never give up.
Small breaks are okay.




Connect with old friends.
What a joy to catch up and
Fondly reminisce.

All work and no play…?
All work and no play makes one…?
Can’t think now; must work.

When will my life change?
Spun wheels for so long and now
Not getting younger.

Who is this old man
Renting space in my body?
Aren’t I still twelve?

How easily it happens.
A loud voice conquers.


A sloth at the Richmond Metro Zoo, the embodiment of the socially distanced Summer 2020

A Helping of Haiku

Ah, Friday, the end of the week. I get to sit down and have a few minutes to myself to collect my thoughts and do what I want. It really is nice to have the time to sift through the backlog of haiku on my legal pad and transcribe them onto the computer. We all know the world’s a mess and we’re all basically in hiding or in search of toilet paper. So with that said, I really appreciate all of you who take the time to read my blog, both my haiku posts and the other stories or anecdotal posts I share. So here’s the latest installment all the way back from around Thanksgiving. Again, as I’ve said before, they feel like they could’ve been written this week. If you enjoy them, ‘like’ the post or drop me a note and let me know. And as always, stay safe, wash your hands and, (and I don’t believe I have to say this,) don’t ingest any detergent or cleansing agents this week. In the words of Sancho Panza, “Whether the stone hits the pitcher, or the pitcher hits the stone, it’ll be bad for the pitcher.” Be well.



Grant me grace today.
In all things I say and do,
Embody Your grace.

Help me to forgive;
Aspersions and transgressions,
Make them all as dust.

What is a life worth?
Who gets to assess value?
God, me, committee?

Help me through the day.
Help me to find the courage
To say “yes” to life.

Your life is your life.
Make of it what you would make.
Design it your way.

IMG_2248 (2)

Someone likes the back deck


Get it together!
Put your attention where it
Really needs to be.

Can good come from bad?
Is it acceptable to
Praise the light cum dark?




Good people fall down.
It’s our job to forgive them
And help them to stand.

What are your ethics?
Can they be purchased for bread?
Are they set in stone?

How sad it is that
Some people only thrive by
Tearing others down.

A much needed rest
Is just around the corner.
You’ve almost made it.

If you want to win
Keep your battle plan private
And your charm public.


I love pink flowering dogwoods, don’t you?

April in corona-time haiku

Hello All,

Here’s a second helping of haiku from the vault of the last few months. I will say that being home all the time does allow me to transcribe my haiku from the legal pads faster than when the world is running normally, whatever that means. On a personal note, I’m still kind of surprised that some of the haiku, that were written in this case in November of 2019, feel like they’re talking to today, right now. I don’t often get a chance to go back and read what I wrote “back then,” so it’s a bit of a discovery or rediscovery all around. I’ve left the dates in this time so you can see when they were written. And please note, there’s one piece of profanity. It happens. Sorry. Anyway, please while you read these, stay safe, stay in, and wash your hands. And as always, thanks for reading and if something strikes your fancy consider letting me know.

Peace and good health,


Nothing is certain;
Tomorrow you could die or
Get a tax refund.

Sometimes you have to
Back off, cut your losses, and
Just not give a shit.

Try to remain calm.
Take a deep breath and be still.
You can get through this.

We have only now
To make our diff’rence; live, love,
Leave our legacy.


Shadow says, “Practice social distancing,” even in a cabinet.

Whatever happens
Keep it all in perspective
And just keep moving.

Remember you have
A responsibility
To optimism.

You just never know
When opportunity will
Decide to come knock.

Grant me, O Lord, peace,
Health, wisdom, understanding,
Patience, discernment.

Ruthlessly protect
All those that come to you for
Assistance and love.

IMG_2243 (2)

Just a boy out walking his cat on the beginning of the adventure of a lifetime.

I’m Still Here Haiku

Well, there’s no question it’s been more than a long time since I wrote anything on my blog. And even with that said, I’ll save writing about what I’ve been up to, my family, the Coronavirus, and all that stuff for another day. Truth is, with all this working from home I have a little more time to do stuff like this, so hopefully you have a moment to read these little guys. Full disclosure, these haiku were written back in October of 2019, but as I was reading over them to select which to include in my post, some of them appeared almost eerily prescient or at the very least far too .timely. Anyway, enjoy, thanks for reading and wash your hands. I wish you peace and good health.



It’s hard to stay sane
In a world gone truly mad,
Where nothing’s normal.

There will come a day
When the nations of the world
Unify in love.

How shall we proceed,
In anger and bitterness
Or forgiveness?

That which flourishes
Will diminish tomorrow
While we ride the waves.

Que sera sera
Is such a Buddhist notion.
What will be will be.


Here is our kitten, Ickasik, (Icky for short) demonstrating social distancing by taking up all available room on the bed.

Don’t let them make you
Dream any size less than big.
Small is not enough.

Don’t give up the ship!
Plug the leak and head for shore.
You’re unsinkable.

Be magnanimous.
Kindness, forgiveness, and grace;
That’s what it’s about.

Just once I’d like to
Be like my cat: no worries,
Sleeping in a sink.

We have yet to fight,
Live, love, prosper, grow, transform
To our potential.

IMG_2220 (2)

Here is Quicktop assisting me in getting fresh air into the house and any germs out by falling asleep in the open window for five hours. He and his sister are very helpful.

Haiku for an uplift

Well, it’s been a week. (I seem to say that a lot.) And that means writing haiku to bolster my spirits. I’ve been working seven days a week (doesn’t everybody nowadays?), celebrated a wedding anniversary, marked the 89th birthday of my father who crossed over 19 years ago, and just tried all manner of strategies to keep my head above water. So here you go! If these little guys bring you any peace, comfort, or joy, I’ve done my job for another week. May you be calm and blessed.



Let today be a
Peace, Love, Light, Healthy, Happy,
Groovy kind of day.

Who you choose to be
Is entirely your call;
Not a group project.

We become our thoughts;
Our thoughts become our actions;
Actions, character.

I brake for flowers,
Good food, sunrises, rainbows,
Slow turtles, and cats.

Dance the cosmic dance,
Making up the words and moves
As you go along.


The Tao of Kittens

There are some people,
No matter how hard you try,
You’ll just never please.

Mother used to say,
“Some people just won’t like you.
You mustn’t sweat it.”





Seek help if needed.
Don’t suffer in silence while
Putting up a front.

Live today today.
Put yesterday behind you
And tomorrow off.

Try to breathe today.
Don’t let the grind get to you.
Hold to your stillness.


Scary Halloween faces

This Week in Haiku

I find that I’m writing again. One haiku a day; but one is better than none. There’s been a lot of stress in my life these last few weeks, and I know it comes out in my writing. But my focus is still primarily inspirational/motivational, even if sometimes the voice is pushing from a place of frustration. Either way, the weather is beautiful today, and it’s Monday, and the week is filled with possibilities. So enjoy, thanks for reading, and I wish you a stress-free, productive week.



Hopes and fears and dreams,
Endlessly intertwined, each
Craving attention.

Open your heart to
Reveal compassion bursting
Forth like a rocket.

For your sanity
There have to be days when you
Say “no” and mean “no.”

Always be prepared,
For people will let you down.
So just be ready.

You need to let go
Of the bullshit in your past
And focus on NOW.



You can’t fix stupid.
You can’t motivate lazy.
You can’t turn back time.

Know that there are times
When the best thing you can do
Is just walk away.

I’ve always dreamt big,
But I now find small actions
Are the way to go.



There will always be
A new battle to win and
A new hill to climb.

I am not perfect.
I strive for perfection, but
I miss the mark often.


John Adams wishes you all a Two Thumbs Up kinda day.

Autumn Haiku Musings 2019

Happy Fall, Everyone! It’s been two months since I posted and it’s time I do something. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately, dreaming, some would say procrastinating, and it’s coming out of me in the last few weeks as haiku. I know, my old standby. Anyway, enjoy, read, reflect, reject, take comfort in, or what have you. And as always, thanks for reading.



Open wide your heart.
Embrace all inhabitants
Of this universe.

Take back what is yours.
Take a vow to reclaim your
Personal power.

Today, you’re stronger.
Today, you’re more in control.
Today, you stand tall.

Part of the “Good Fight”
Is educating oneself
How to fight better.

Each day is a gift;
A Present Moment is time.
Use each day wisely.


Flamingos in the Mist

People: just two kinds:
Those who fear and don’t do, and
Those who fear and do.

Read voraciously,
Open-hearted and open-minded;
Absorb the masters.

Know when to hold’em,
Fold’em, walk away, and run.
Thanks, Kenny Rogers.


Don’t care what they think.
Don’t keep up with the Jones’s.
Just run your own race.

The art you create
Is a reflection of you,
And your soul’s cravings.


A joyful family moment at Belvedere Plantation

Musings in Haiku-time

It’s early summer and I’m busy (who isn’t?) and I’m just feeling the need to share some new haiku. I thought after I’d written 5,000 that maybe, just maybe, I’d put the bug behind me. I guess not. Anyway, enjoy, thanks for reading, and have your best possible day.



Good and Bad exist,
Whether God or Man made them
They exist nonetheless.

Know that rewards come
When the naysayers say “no”
But you respond “yes.”

Making enemies
Is sadly part of the game.
There’s always a foe.

It’s far too easy
Too acquiesce in defeat.
It’s hard to stand strong.


Don’t let the aliens get ya!

There’s always someone
Less fortunate than yourself.
Fight on in their name.

Lead by example.
Courage, integrity, grace:
They’re not unnoticed.

Your son deserves the
Best you you can offer him.
Don’t squander his wealth.

Faiths that focus on
Fear, division, and judgement
Don’t speak to my heart.

Have you ever seen
A sick giraffe and uttered
“Now that’s a sore throat?!”

“Where do we go next?”
the boy asked sitting by Dad.
“We go on,” my son.


Fat Man and Little Boy

Well, It’s Been Awhile Haiku – March 2019

For some reason I just needed to get these out today. I wrote many of these weeks and/or months ago, but they are no less relevant today. Life has been crazy, busy, tempestuous, frustrating, and (time permitting) joyous. A more thorough update/investigation of me and my family is warranted, (or at least a 4 page summary), but today these haiku will have to stand as testament to my mood. I hope they bring you comfort, inspiration, resilience, and motivation. Yeah, I’m working on it too.

Peace to you all.

Until next time,


Carefree and reckless;
How alive one must feel when
Running with scissors.

It’s all too easy
To repay low with low, but
High requires work.

Don’t give in to fear.
Real or manufactured, both
Should be met with love.

Some people lack both
Common sense and decency.
They are our crosses.

Who can you count on
To be there when it matters,
When it’s not easy?



Nancy and I on a very cold camping trip in Prince William State Forest

Science and wisdom
Await our return from the
Lowlands of the Lie.

When someone hurts you,
Focus on healing yourself,
Not taking revenge.

Hare or tortoise? Choose.
Each offers advantages.
Me? I’m a tortoise.




Roll with the punches.
Take what life gives you gladly.
No, it’s not easy.

Let’s work together,
Build our ‘more perfect union’
On peace, love, and facts.


Shadow says, “May you find time for this today.” And food. Lotsa food.

New Year, New Haiku (2019 Edition)

Dear Reader,

Happy New Year, 2019. It has been over 5 months since I connected with you. So much in my, and my family’s life, has changed. We live in a new house; we’re closer to our work; I have started a new job with the Stafford Regional Choral Society; Nancy is two chapter revisions away from defending her dissertation; John Adams is in Kindergarten; and there are many smaller, subtler changes and adjustments that have altered our lives since last writing. We are still packing and unpacking. We are still finding our footing in a new home. There has been less than a little time to be creative with the move, and then  into the holidays. But I am still here; we are still here. And I am still dedicated to my blog and my writing. So with that said, please enjoy these new haiku, written over the last few days; the first new writing I’ve done in awhile, and certainly the first writing I’ve done in 2019. Until, next time, thanks for reading, thanks for noticing me, and thanks for being a part of my life, online or other, in 2019.

Blessings, Bounty, and Bacon,


The New Year’s begun.
Will it bring big surprises,
Or more of the same?

We are our actions.
Inaction is an action,
A choice of no choice.

Character matters.
Your actions and words matter.
Children are watching.

Model behavior
You wish to come back to you,
For it will return.

We have adopted
A white lump of fat some say
Used to be a cat.

Shadow set to spin

The road up is hard.
The road down all too easy.
Which road are you on?

No resolution
Can survive January
Without discipline.

I love New Year’s Day:
We resolve, renewed, hopeful;
Tabula rasa.

A cool blast of change
Blows with a wintry crispness
Across our country.


Pray for each other.
Listen to each other.
Love one another.

The family on Christmas Eve, 2018